A. Our minimum criteria are generally as listed below, although we allow some flexibility based on the unique strengths and amenities of individual communities:


       Fitness Center

  • 1 or more Full-Time (FT) or Part-Time (PT) Personal Trainers/Instructors (Paid or Volunteer)

       Aquatic Center


       Culinary Services

  • 1 or More Trained Chefs (Executive Chef, Chef de Cuisine, or Head Chef)


  • 1 or More FT or PT Cultural Activities Directors (Paid or Volunteer)


  • 1 or More FT or PT Educational Activities Directors (Paid or Volunteer)


  • 1 or More FT or PT Chaplains/Ministers/Spiritual Directors (Paid or Volunteer)



A. Senior-oriented communities are eligible to apply if 50 – 100% of their living units are classified as ILU (Independent Living Units) – such as Active Adult Communities, CCRCs, Life Plan Communities, or Life Care Communities.

A. Communities are not eligible to apply if 50 – 100% of their living units are classified as ALU (Assisted Living Units), MCU (Memory Care Units), and/or NCU (Nursing Care Units)

A. We can pre-certify communities as Retirement Resorts based on their plans and philosophy of healthy living. We invite you to apply for pre-certification as soon as your project is ready for pre-marketing.

A. In order to maintain our credibility as an independent organization providing an unbiased service to Seniors, it is important that we not charge a fee for these basic certification benefits:

  1. Free Retirement Resort certification award.
  2. Free Retirement Living at its Healthiest™ recognition
  3. Free Frameable Official Certificate
  4. Free Downloadable Official Press Release
  5. Free Standard Listing at SeniorHospitality.com
  6. Free 1-month Premium Profile at RetirementResorts.com

For communities that are interested in our assistance in achieving or maintaining 100% occupancy, we offer an optional ongoing Premium Profile at RetirementResorts.com. Our annual fee is equal to your community’s 1-month, 2-person fee for the residence nearest in size to 1,000 sq. ft. (93 sq. meters)

A. In most cases, communities can be certified based on websites, photos, documents, and phone interviews, and on-site visits are not required. However, if an application for certification is not approved, the community has the right to appeal the decision, and pay for an on-site visit by a certification specialist.

A. Certification lasts for one year. Communities are re-certified on a yearly basis.